Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion Forward Thinking

We live less than 200 miles from the fashion capital of the United States.  Between studying Vogue, Tivo'ing episodes of Project Runway and preparing for Fashion Week, trying to keep up with the trends is exhausting!  Brett frets every night when he lays out his outfit for the next day that someone might notice he's wearing something from last season.  Ok, not really.

But, since living in Upstate New York, we have managed to be (arguably) the leader in one fashionable trend...If we can't rock the runway, we'll rock the recyclable bag!

In our efforts to go green (aside from the new Prius and our adventures recycling glass, plastic and aluminum) we've become serious reusable bag shoppers!  We noticed that when we moved here, folks were adamant about using their recycled bags at the grocery stores...and they tended to give nasty looks if you were walking out with plastic.  (We're recycling those too now!)

These days, you'll find us loading up the groceries in our trendy, environmentally correct little bags.  We've acquired a collection of them now so, naturally, we buy more to make sure they all get used.

We've got canvas totes, non-woven totes, poly pro totes, plastic totes, cloth totes, cotton fodable totes and even on that is insulated...perfect for freezer & refrigerator foods.  They also sell special divided bags at the local liquor store, so your bottles don't clank together in the bag...we don't have one yet, but we're thinking a splurge might be in mind soon!  Who knew you had so many choices when it comes to reusable tote bags??

No worries of people accidentally walking off with our  bags at the store!  Surprisingly, there are not a lot of Panthers, Cardinals, Razorback, University of Missouri Extension, Snap-On or hot pink polka dot fans in these parts.  Folks up here just don't know what they are missing out on!

Each bag is eco-friendly and holds two to three times what a normal plastic Wal-Mart size bag does.  Plus, it takes one of those plastic bags about 450 years to bio-degrade!  The average shopper goes through nearly 350 plastic bags a year and on any given day, more than one billion bags end up trashed!  Think you'll stick with paper?  Think again.  Just producing a paper bag causes 70% more pollution than plastic!

You can get the bags at just about every store you shop at and they run around $1-$2.  If New York City folks used just one less grocery bag per person, they could save more than $250,000 in disposal costs and reduce waste by five million pounds!

For us, it's a new creative outlet to stand out from the crowd.  After all, we're making a statement...without saying a word, right?

The Trendy Hippie

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