Monday, January 31, 2011

Fender Bender Update

Just a word to the wise...avoid all stationery objects in the road as best as possible when traveling.

We're still trying to get our situation settled after the little bump in the road that we hit en route to Charlotte last month for our Christmas Vacation.  As you might remember, the car shop in North Carolina worked on the Prius for nearly a week after the incident and failed to fix the car.

Long story short...we had to bring the car back to NY (in a blizzard) where it got some more car doctor love.  The sweet little Yankees up here worked and worked on it, trying to repair/replace a broken harness wire in the front bumper.

After nine days in a dealership garage in Albany, the Prius was finally ready to come back home.  Timing couldn't have been better too...carpooling with your spouse isn't exactly easy, especially when both jobs include a lot of travelling!

**Drum Roll, Please**

The tally for hitting a tractor trailer tire in the middle of a North Carolina Interstate Highway around 2:00 a.m. under foggy conditions...$7,600!

And now, it's back to new, right?