Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather!

One of the biggest differences between Heather & Brett is how they celebrate birthdays.  Heather loves any opportunity to throw a party and Brett would rather skip his personal holiday all together.

In the past, we Heather has had some stellar celebrations...including a surprise birthday party for Brett, a gathering at Chuck E. Cheese (Although Heather thought it was Chunky Cheese for many, many years) and even a Pimps & Hoes theme party.

Brett's not a bad party planner either.  He does pretty well in the party planning department himself.  He actually managed to pull off a surprise roller skating party for Heather's 30th!

But now that we're freezing to death in the tundra New York, we don't have friends & family around to help us celebrate.  Plus, if we buy the big birthday cake, we'll eat the big birthday cake.

No problems though...for her birthday this year, Brett gave Heather just another reason to phone home anytime!

Call Heather anytime, she just loves talking to herself!


  1. Happy belated birthday Heather! I think I commented on this already, but I LOVE your phone! How did he do that?

  2. He ordered it online at skinit.com. You can upload graphics or photos and create anything you want.