Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow & Swimsuits? Our Great Escape!

The Great Escape Lodge
The temperature gage reads 27 degrees outside.  There's about 4 inches of snow on the ground.  Baby, it's cold outside!  But take a wild guess at how we spent our Saturday...and what exactly what we were wearing?  That's right, we (swim) suited up for a photo shoot/commercial for the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park!

There's a water park in there!
The water park is in Queensbury, NY which is just under an hour from Albany.  When we heard about the need for models and extras for the photo shoot, we quickly raised our hands high (or emailed) and yelled, "Pick Me! Pick Me!"  After all, how cool is it to get to go to a water park during the winter, plus get your picture made too?  Thankfully, we were among the chosen!

BG was excited to
have his own bed!
The hotel opened the doors a night early for us so we wouldn't have to travel the snowy roads early Saturday morning and it was a real treat to stay in the lodge!  Everything was so warm and homey, it was hard to believe there was so much snow on the ground outside!  The rooms at the Great Escape Lodge were amazing and the attention to detail went above and beyond.

Our suite had plenty of room for several people and included a mini fridge and microwave too.  Of course, the fine connoisseurs of cuisine that we are...we loaded up and hit the local Wal-Mart for Lean Pockets and a six pack!  No sense in wasting free refrigeration ya know!

Game time!
The lodge also has an arcade for kids adults who don't want to get their hair wet.  The Six Flags marketing department had done the photo shoot and commercials for that area the night before.  Brett was really disappointed we didn't get to partake in that fun...he thinks he's king of Ski-Ball.

The photo shoot started at 8:30 Saturday morning, so we were off before we even knew it!  The water park is connected to the lodge, so it was great not having to layer on the clothes just to get was just a short stroll through the hotel lobby.

Brett & Heather grew up in heat and humidity so the idea of an indoor water park blows minds in our household.  Are you wondering yet just how warm an indoor water park is?  It was a balmy 85 degrees inside!  The snow outside sure didn't stop folks from having a good time!  A couple of the water slides are on the outside of the building and had huge icicles hanging off the sides!  It was so warm, we never even noticed when we went down them.
Snow won't freeze this river

It was completely weird floating around on the lazy river and being able to look out the window and all of the snow and slush on the ground.  You couldn't really get a chill from it because it was so dang hot in there though!

Apparently the photographers and marketing department thought we looked responsible enough to be real adults!  We were assigned the roles of "happy parents" and paired with the cutest three-year-old you have ever seen!  Loriana Walter of Chittenango, New York became our 'pretend' daughter for the day.  Loriana could have easily been our child...she didn't have a shy bone in her body and could turn on the smiles when the cameras were around!  (We think news anchor could totally be in her future)

Our Six Flags family!
We were so nervous about having a little kid near a body of water, it was such a relief having Loriana's parents, Jim and Lorrell Walter, close by for the photo shoot.  They were such nice people to meet!  Lorrell works as the director of public relations for the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse and Jim is the executive director for the Madison County Tourism department.  They had come in the night before also and were a part of the arcade shoot.  Luckily, Loriana also came with a life jacket!

Meet the Parents:  Jim, Lorrell and Loriana Walter
Kiddie pool
We got to take Loriana through the children's pool and water slides...which by the way, are for children only.  Heather got a scolding from the lifeguard after she tried to race Lorianna down!  Our little Six Flags family also went down the lazy river together and Brett nearly broke his neck getting in without dropping Loriana.  We're gonna be great parents aren't we?

Are you sure it's winter?
We both were interviewed for the television commercials that will air this spring and summer and Brett found himself playing "dad" to a 12-year-old daughter.  (Um, how old do we look??) We're not sure if we were supposed to be the parents or maybe just the "super cool older siblings" of the 12 and 13-year-old they sent us down the family raft with.  Regardless, we were just happy to get to ride the water rides for free!

We also got to try the surf pool at The Great Escape Indoor Water Park!  Since we have Brett's surfboard in storage here in upstate New York, you'd think he might be one of the better ones trying out the ride.  Uh, no such luck.  Thank goodness no one was filming/photographing while we were on it.  Oh, wait...we were.

For our "hard work" modeling at the photo shoot, Six Flags gave us each four tickets and an overnight stay at the Great Escape Lodge.  So, just a fair reminder...if you're coming to visit us soon, be sure to pack your swimmy suit!

Cowabunga Dude!


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