Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walking on Water...Sort Of

We weren't brave enough to drive!
It's cold in New York right now!  Really cold!  With temperatures in the single digit range nearly everyday and negative numbers at night, we're doing the best we can to stay warm!  We've got the fireplace cranked to high, we're layered down in tons of clothing and our electric blanket on 10!

Driving to Albany the other day we noticed tracks on the Mohawk River.  Not animal tracks, but snowmobile and automobile tracks!  And the scary thing is there were lots of them!  We think there's something not quite right about being on a river (as opposed to in a river)...but we had to check it out ourselves.

Ice Fishing Hut on the River
The Mohawk River is a major waterway in Upstate New York and runs about 140 miles long.  It's the biggest tributary to the Hudson River.  The Mohawk is home to five permanent dams, nine seasonal dams and five hydro-power plants.  But parts of it freeze in the winter!

After some interrogation questioning from the locals, we discovered that the tracks are from trucks used to pull ice fishing huts out on the river!  New York Fishermen are out freezing trying to catch small mouth bass, carp, walleye, tiger musky and nothern pike.

Feeling the need to dance with danger and a little braver than Mel Gibson in blue face paint, we decided to take a walk on the wild side...literally.

Here's a couple of shots of us standing on the Mohawk River just outside of Halfmoon, New York!