Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Again with Hobby Lobby

The North has a certain charm that you won't find in the South...namely snow covered roads, Italian bakeries and Yankee cemeteries.  The local accents are bewitching, the MLB team rivalries are unparalleled and practically everyone is in a union.

We've noticed a lot of differences since moving to New York from Mississippi.  Talk about apples & oranges, y'all!  In a state with nearly 20 million people, you would think NY has it all.  Unfortunately...they don't.

Our arrival was a departure from the staples of the South:  gone were Hobby Lobby, Chic-Fil-A and Paula Deen's buffett.  We've managed to cope and find substitutes, but nothin's as good as the real deal.

So when one of Heather's favorite stores finally announced they were setting up shop in Albany...the fireworks went off!  Hobby Lobby opened only it's seventh store in the state!  Guess where it is?  Snuggled up just down the road in Latham, only miles from the Garrett compound! 

Inside holds all the treasures of scrapbooking, fabric and crafty, cute housewares one could be envious of! 

Finally, New're walking in tall cotton.