Sunday, February 27, 2011

New York in Bloom

Geez y' seems like winter may never end!

Another round of winter weather over the weekend left us with about 10 more inches of snow.  We were so disappointed because temperatures had almost gotten into the 40's during the previous week and stuff was actually starting to melt!

To say we're ready for spring is an understatement!  Even if the flowers aren't actually blooming yet, we had a chance to stop and smell the roses at the 20th annual New York in Bloom flower show.  Held at the New York State Museum, more than 100 floral arrangements were set among the museum exhibits and displays.

There were some amazing arrangements created by New York floral designers, garden club members and those who have the flower power!  From traditional bouquets to some amazing concepts, we saw some of the coolest things you can do with petals.  The signature fundraiser for the NYSM's after school programs, New York in Bloom attracts green (or brown in our case) thumbs from across the state.

Here's a peak at what we saw:

The stairs on Sesame Street.

There's a hornets nest in this one!
Those are real tulips hanging upside down!
This one was made with PVC pipe...
Let them eat carnation cake!
Carnation Cupcakes

Lady Liberty's bouquet


  1. Beautiful! Those SO make me long for spring! But what I really want to know did you get your husband to go to a flower show???

  2. I got him pizza for lunch, lol! He's such a good sport for all the things that I drag him to!