Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organization is the Key

Going outside when it's this dang cold takes some effort.  We've learned that you can't just run out the door anymore!  Gone are the days of fun jackets to match your outfits and optional scarfs that are more accessory than functional.

For Christmas, Heather's parents sent us a remote thermometer.  One part of it hangs outside our door and relays the outdoor temperature to a controller inside.  The inside piece is a magnet that sticks to our front door.  We think it registers our interior temperature lower than what it actually is (Heather would be frozen at 61.2 degrees).  But when the outside number(s) read this you know you are in trouble!

Our new thermometer helps us gage our wardrobe for the day.  Really, it should be programmed to tell us just how many layers to add when getting dressed.

The apartment was such a mess of gloves, scarfs and coats before Heather had an idea...check out these super awesome organizational skills!

Now, finding all of our necessary winter accessories is easy!  Plus, we've got a great spot for the extras like sunglasses and an emergency ice scraper.

The only downfall...we think our eBay mannequin secretly wears it all when we're not watching her.