Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Windy City Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

It's amazing what husbands will do to make their wives happy!

For Brett's birthday weekend getaway, we hit the bright lights and big city of New York...with several attractions and landmarks to cross off our Bucket Lists.  We had a plan going into the trip, but the highlight (or Heather's anyway) was taking in our first Broadway play together.

All That Jazz = A+
Brett managed to score two tickets to Chicago in the 11th hour!  Running at the historic Ambassador Theater in midtown Manhattan, the show is the second longest running revival on Broadway and the sixth longest running show ever on Broadway.  With a stripped down set and basic wardrobe, Chicago: The Musical  holds the record for recovering it's initial investment quicker than any other musical.  In January 2010, the show had run for over 5,400 performances!

We weren't disappointed!  Although Brett wasn't familiar with the storyline or songs, he had no trouble keeping up with the plot.   Heather's not certain, but she thinks she might have gotten "shushed" for singing along a little too loudly.  It was amazing to hear the performers sing and we were totally jealous of their unbelievable bodies!

And of course, all that six-pack envy led to us to thinking about grabbing dinner afterwards.  Just around the corner from Times Square, we left the Ambassador Theater and found ourselves at the cross roads of culinary decisions.

Like should we just have dessert?

Bottoms up!
With freezing temperatures and a bone-chilling wind about to knock us down, we ended up (not so) proudly hitting our first McDonald's fast food stop since living in New York.  (It's amazing how you will skip the dollar menu when you've got an Italian deli on nearly every corner.)

Naturally, it wasn't without adventure.  It was the world famous Times Square restaurant and did have 14 registers, all with lines 10 deep!  We did have a pretty cool view of Times Square from our second story table, plus Heather killed the biggest cockroach she's ever seen in the bathroom there.  Fun!

You gotta love NY y'all!

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