Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Wallop

Monster snow flakes
Y'all, winter is just about to do us in!  The temperatures are numbing, the snow keeps falling and we're ready for warmer weather!  Folks here say this has been one of the worst winters they've seen in years.  Just our luck, right?

So far, Albany has seen just over 47" of snow this season.  Sounds impressive, huh?  We're actually the weenies of the state considering towns like Syracuse (at 118") and Rochester (at 80") are going to be digging out for a while.  Looks like we're not going to be winning the Golden Snowball Award this year...which is just fine with us.

Snow taller than BG!
The Capital Region just got slammed with a huge winter storm!  But at least 60% of the country is feeling our pain.  Winter sucks, doesn't it?  The storm rampaged 30 states and grounded about 11,000 flights as it rolled through the Midwest en route to the Northeast.  Brett just got back from a business trip in Dallas and was one of the last flight into Albany before the airports closed.

Our little neck of the woods got nearly 17 inches over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday!  Add that to the mess that's still on the ground and you've got some huge snow piles!  We've been taking bets on when it will all melt...our guess is probably around April.

We've discovered that bad weather rarely stops New Yorkers.  For the most part, traffic still flows...unless you're behind a snow plow.  We're getting better about driving in this mess, but Heather has no problems putting on her blinkers and bringing traffic to a crawl with her 20 mph cruising speed.

This amount of snow would disable the South for weeks, but up here, they barely bat their eyes.  As long as we don't get ice or a wintry mix, we'll keep on enjoying our electric fireplace with a side of Netflix and watching it all happen from the window.