Friday, March 25, 2011

A Lesson in Yankee Vocabulary

We've discovered since living in New York nearly 11 months now, that some things just aren't the same.  Yankees have a different language that's not always easy to understand.  It's sort of like the Queen's English...the words are the same, but the meaning is totally different.

For example, many Upstate New Yorkers talk about spending time in the summer at their "camps."  For the longest time, we couldn't figure out what the obsession was over camping up here.  After all, didn't they know that camping required a separation from electricity and running water and as Heather puts it, why the hell would anyone want to do that?  Well, it turns out that NY'ers use the word "camp" to describe a smaller second home, usually set by a lake or near a river.

In our families, we call that the farm in Fox and the lake house in Tennessee.

Mr. Ed & Phyllis at the "camp" in Fox, Arkansas
The Garrett "camp" on Lake Watagua, TN

This is a long way from
the CP Wal-Mart y'all
New Yorkers also seem to have a different frame of reference when it comes to asking where you live.  For some reason, everything is based off of the exit number on the closest interstate.  We have been informed we do not live in "Clifton Park near the Wal-Mart" (as we describe it) but rather off Exit 8 on the Thruway.  The Yankees also tend to give directions based on this form of information, so plan on getting really confused if you ever have to come up this way.

Our vocabulary differences got us into a bit of trouble tonight.  Since we've been here, we've seen sign after sign advertising "Fish Fry" at small restuarants in the area.  A hankering for Qulin's very own Ann's Catfish and our curiosity got the better of us and we decided to check it out.

To us, "Fish Fry" conjures up the image of Heather's dad, Mr. Ed, deep frying catfish until it's golden brown and serving it up with some hush puppies, cole slaw, onion and a big ol' helping of tarter sauce.  We darted into the Harbor House Fish Fry in Clifton Park expecting to treat our Southern taste buds to some greasy goodness.  Let's just say we didn't exactly find what we were looking for.

Apparently, a "Fish Fry" in the North is a piece of fried fish served on a hot dog bun!

One "Fish Fry" and one "Shrimp Fry" coming right up!
The locals freaking love it (like you can barely get a seat in these places) and the "Fish Fry" is typically served with your choice of tarter sauce, cocktail sauce or a type of chili salsa sauce.  You can get the "Fry" made with shrimp, clams or scallops also.  We will mention that the jury is still out on what kind of fish we had fried, but notice in the pictures it's about twice as long as the hot dog bun.

Grossed out yet??  'Cause we sure were!

Taste testing...
People really eat this??
That vocabulary lesson was one we'll never forget!


  1. You just hit a bad fish fry. The best ones are usually at the fire house or local diner. Great big pieces of haddock with french fries. Oh so good. Of course being Catholic was raised on fish frys on Friday's during lent.

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