Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update: St. Patrick's Day Parade in Albany

Remember when we told y'all about all the drunk wasted people we saw at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Albany?  Turns out, they had a little more fun than we did on Saturday.

More than 40 students from Albany colleges have been charged in the destructive riots that followed after the parade!  Celebrating "Kegs and Eggs" parties, things got out of control when students began trashing property, damaging cars and brawling in the streets.  Geez y'all...talk about the Fightin' Irish!

So far, five people face felony charges ranging from rioting and reckless endangerment to assaulting a police officer and criminal possession of a weapon.  As of now, 37 students have been issued tickets for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

One student arrested, Evan Sapio, is the son of Bob Sapio...the senior executive editor for the New York Daily News.  The elder Sapio has reportedly been quoted as saying, "I'm gonna kill him" and really, what parent could blame him?

But, you ask, how have the police been able to catch all of those involved?  Duh...from all of the youtube videos that have been popping up online this week...y'all gotta love the camera phone!

All we gotta say is that booze before breakfast is never really a good idea...

**UPDATED on March 19, 2011**

Apparently, it costs about $12,000 to clean up a riot!  That's how much the city of Albany had to chunk out after the mayhem of St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Officials at the University at Albany officials also announced their plans to move their 2012 spring break to the week of St. Patrick's Day in an effort to avoid this year's disaster.

We say why raise a ruckus when you can just raise a glass?


  1. those videos aren't from st patricks day...

  2. They should have the kids clean up the mess, save the city money and prove a point!

  3. Mob mentality, sad that people can loose control.