Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle, Princess

Do you know what super fabulous, amazing, wonderful wives do?  They say "yes" to crackpot ideas their husbands dream up...
Yes, it's sitting on a keg.

When Mr. Craigslist Brett found a listing online for a vintage pinball machine, he announced he needed a new hobby.  With his passion for tinkering with things and his newfound tool resources, Brett has decided that he can restore a pinball machine.  (We'll let you know how that goes!)

She fits!
Our adventure to bring home the Jungle Princess took us more than an hour away to Southwick, Massachusetts.  The seller was a woman who had recently lost her husband; the machine was his.  Her family was happy to help us load it up in the Santa Fe...and it barely fit!  But it was a good thing we got there when we did, she told us she had received 11 phone calls from interested buyers just that morning!

Driving home from Mass was interesting, but it wasn't half as fun as trying to drag the huge thing inside our apartment.  Living around the elderly has it's disadvantages.  But, after Brett slapped the legs back on her, the Jungle Princess practically ran right inside...with a little help.

We opted for a bar stool rather than a keg.
You know our neighbors just love us.
Our "new" 1977 Gottieb Jungle Princess pinball machine is pretty cool though.  It's a two player, four flipper, 10 drop target with three pop bumpers, two kick out holes and features 100,000 scoring.  Plus, it's really bright too.  Let's just say the 70's were an interesting time for color schemes.

For now, we're the proud owners of one of the last pinball machines made before they went digital in 1978.  At the moment, it's stuck on tilt but Brett seems to think the can get it working again soon and has high hopes of restoring the Jungle Princess to her original glory.  Our $150 investment could have a nice profit though if all goes well...we found one online, fully restored, that just sold for $2,600+ a few months ago!

The Jungle Princess is already earning her keep.  Once we were able to get her into the apartment and Brett was able to start really checking things out...he found a 1977 dime stuck in the coin drop.  Guess no one realized it only takes quarters!

Boys and their toys...


  1. American Pickers Craigslist STYLE!

  2. You two are hilarious. Your adventures together crack me up. Don't take this the wrong way, but these are just not the types of things that your average couples do! I would love to meet your hubby sometime. He seems like your perfect match. :)

  3. lol Kate! He's a crackup...we'll have to catch up with you guys sometime in Boston!