Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bunny Eats Catfood

What a bunch of tricksters...
As a child, Heather's parents put on the biggest hoax of her life.  For years (and years), they managed to keep up the charade belief that the Easter Bunny was real.  Phyllis would help Heather and her brother Jim set traps to catch the Easter Bunny.

Mr. Ed & Phyllis convinced their children that the way to catch the Easter Bunny was with a cardboard box, a ruler and a bowl of dry cat food--which was Peter Cottontail's favorite food.  Neither Heather nor Jim ever caught the elusive Easter Bunny, but he always left behind huge baskets while trying to get away.

These days, Heather is a little wiser, but she still firmly believes that bunnies eat cat food.  Thankfully, we don't have to set traps anymore in order to get Easter Baskets!  This year, the Easter Bunny was pretty good in our New York household.  He opted out to think outside of the basket for starters...

Hooray for blooming flowers in Upstate NY!
And he amped up his game with the traditional chocolate bunny this year!  Turns out, Easter Bunnies in New York score the good stuff at Krause's Homemade Candy on Central Avenue in Albany. The stuff is divine and they will cover just about anything in chocolate!

Milk Chocolate dipped Peeps!
Chocolate Oreo Cookies!
Chocolate Gummie Bears...the best of both worlds!
There are not enough foods on a stick in this world.
But the Easter Bunny really outdid himself this year when he found this little gem on clearance rack at Borders...

The Easter Bunny is Grenade Free.
Man...wonder what we would have scored if we had left out some cat food??