Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday I Heart NY Y'all!

April 2010 in Tupelo, MS
Can you believe that I Heart NY Y'all has been up and running for one year already?!?  Seem's like just yesterday we were saying See ya later 'Sippi! and headed the 1400+ miles to upstate New York.

The last year has been pretty exciting...we hit the ground running as soon as we unpacked the moving van, and haven't really stopped since.  In our first few months in the Capital Region, we managed to hit all of the highlights on the tourist trap circuit, like Cooperstown, Boston, Vermont, Niagara Falls, Toronto and even a couple of trips to the good ol' NYC.

We've also eaten our way through the North...we're pretty sure we've consumed our body weight (a couple of times) in pizza and cannoli and we've figured out why everyone here is so crazy about ice cream.

Surviving the winter was by far the toughest part...nothing like six months of bitter cold and OMG-style snowfall.  We find it amazing that the sun will still shine and the flowers will still bloom after all that!

April 2011 in Albany, NY
Being a New Yorker is interesting...turns out, the people up here are pretty cool.  Folks up here are surprisingly nice and you can count on conversation no matter where you go.  They don't mind that we cheer for the St. Louis Cardinals (just as long as we're not Red Sox fans) and they will actually let you merge into traffic.  They talk a little different, but then again, they think we do too.  We've meet some really great people and are having a blast!

But don't worry, the South will always be home and we look forward to returning there one day.

It's been a lot of fun blogging our adventures and we hope folks have enjoyed reading about them.  In the past year, I Heart NY Y'all has seen more than 20,000 hits and our twitter page @iheartnyyall has nearly 200 followers!  Can you believe it??  We sure feel like we are walking in some tall cotton...or rather, tulips!

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