Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Boy in the Big City

They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere...just ask our 19-month-old nephew Walter Mack who came to visit us in New York City over the weekend.  (We think) he had a pretty good time!

I love it when Auntie Heather & Uncle Brett bring me presents!
Auntie Heather, you're the best for taking me swimming!
Wow, the George Washington Bridge is pretty big!
Mom & Dad wouldn't let me go see Charlie Sheen next week...not #winning.

Thanks for leaving me in front of a giant 9 you guys.
The buildings are really tall here!

They say I have to hold both hands in  NYC.

I can't imagine what the electricity bill is around here??

I made my dad stand in front of Lace Gentleman's Club for this picture.

Auntie Heather & I wait for a subway train.
I'm trying to read the map you guys!
I'm King of the World! (on the Staten Island Ferry)
Uncle Brett, let's dance!
That was fun!
Nap time during lunch in Little Italy
Uncle Brett and I are takin' care of some business.
Bye Uncle Brett, I'll see you soon!

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