Thursday, April 21, 2011

New York International Auto Show

Brett just got back from a pretty sweet Snap-On adventure!  He just spent the last couple of days shacking up in a hotel on Times Square...and this was his view:

And no, the bright shining circle isn't the moon, it's the ball that falls on New Year's Eve!  Heather told him to make reservations for NYE 2011, but we were pretty sure that room was going to be way out of our price range.

Javits Center
BG was in the NYC to attend the New York International Auto Show for Snap-On.  The NYIAS features tons of sweet rides...including concept cars, alternative fuels and new debuts.  The show has been around since 1900 and works to bring innovative automobile ideas to the center stage.

Held at the Jacob Javits Center on 11th Avenue in Manhattan, the NYIAS is four levels of the fast and the furious!  Cars at the show range in size, style and price.  You couldn't actually purchase a car at the show though...which is good, because Brett left the checkbook with Heather.  Otherwise, he might have come home driving this $445,000 Rolls Royce...

Here's just a peek at what Brett got to see...

This Smart Car was covered in tiny mirrors that could cut no touching, please.
Equipped with it's very own Flux Capacitor!
Range Rover
New Prius concept car
If I had wings I could fly...
Frank McCourt's car (just kidding)
Dodge Charger
This could have been Spiderman's car!
A Scion painted to look like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea