Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pain at the Pump

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the price at the pump is skyrocketing across the country!  Upstate New York seems to be around $.25-.30 more expensive than what our friends and family are paying back home down South.  While we haven't seen the numbers tumble over $4.00 a gallon just yet, we know it's likely coming this summer...and probably won't stop there either.

This one had a latch...with
nothing to hook on to.
But, we've learned the real pain at the pump isn't in those rolling numbers...it's actually pumping the gas itself.  We've been told that New York has some law that prevents gas stations from having automatic gas pumps...so instead of filling it up by using that little clicker on the handle, you have to actually stand there and hold it the whole time.

It took a while for us to catch onto this though...for months, Heather was convinced that she was constantly pulling up to broken handles at the gas pump before learned the rules.  No hands free pumping here!

$, $$, $$$
Not only is this a huge freaking pain, but factor in the apocalyptic lovely NY winters and you're lucky you don't end up with hypothermia just trying to top off the tank.  It got to a point that we would try to get gas during the day because the temperature would plummet at night and it was so miserable being outside.

However, we will give you the heads up that if you can coast to New Jersey, fill up there.  NJ is one of only two states in the union where it's illegal to fill your own tank!  Every station in the Garden State comes equipped with gas pump attendants who happily do it for you...no wonder Snooki spends her summers at the Jersey Shore.


  1. How annoying! I'm glad we have auto pumps here in WI! Especially in the winter - I don't want my gloves smelling like I'm ready to torch the place!

    Although I could live with the NJ standards!

  2. @runaroundaroo I'm so afraid that the gas will overflow while I'm trying to pump it! Such a pain!

  3. http://www.thegasmonkey.com/