Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break for the Garretts

We only give our guests
unlicensed "I Heart NY" t-shirts.
We were so thrilled when Brett's parents announced that they were planning on visiting us up in New York during their spring break.  We toyed with lots of ideas on how to entertain them while they were here...should we go to the City...maybe a trip to Boston...or just show them the sights around here?

In the end, we decided there was plenty to do in the Capital Region and opted to stick around Albany for their visit.  Plus after a 13 hour drive from Charlotte, we're not sure we could have lured them into a long car ride for anything!

We kicked things off with a mini-birthday celebration for Dean!  The big day was back in March, but Snap-On tool boxes aren't real cheap easy to ship, so we opted to celebrate in person...

After all the celebrations, we had to load up our visitors for some fun!  We took them to check out our favorite local natural attraction, Cohoes Falls.  It was bone-chilling a bit nippy outside, so our picnic of Sorrentino sandwiches featured a small side of frostbite.

Luckily, we were able to warm them back up with a round of pizza for dinner...

Of course, we couldn't forget dessert!  It's a crime to come to Albany and not sample some of Bella Napoli's famous cannoli!  Let's just say that Dean's eyes were a little bigger than his stomach...we had to intervene when he asked for 40 cannoli to go.  (We let him take home around 20 though)

With the Garretts, food is nearly always a feast...and we didn't want to disappoint!

We decided to push our luck and hit the Racino in Saratoga to take a look at the ponies.  With harness racing season already in full swing, we were hoping to cash in a big ticket!

At least we know now that we can't win on a sloppy track either.

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