Friday, May 20, 2011

Boy Job, Girl Job

Tire changing is for boys.
If you've ever been around Heather, you'll probably hear her say, "Oh, that's a boy job."  And for those confused, a "boy job" is basically it's any job Heather a girl doesn't or want to do.

There's lots of things on the taking out the trash, killing large insects and dealing with automotive issues.  Luckily for Heather, Brett steps up to the job and gets things done.  Not always with a smile, but they get done nonetheless.

Last week Heather walked outside to a flat tire on her Santa Fe.  Thankfully, Brett was sort of in the area and was able to come to her rescue.  (Apparently you are not supposed to call the police)  But afterwards, Brett was hell-bent on teaching Heather an important lesson.

So guess what we practiced after the flat tire crisis was resolved??  You got it!  It took her a while and she completely ruined her manicure, but now Heather can change her own tire!

But don't worry, she still considers it a boy job.