Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Review: "Hangover 2" Been There, Done That

To sum it up, The Hangover Part Two is what happens when Hollywood gets greedy.  In 2009, execs hit box office gold with a surprisingly funny and witty little film that grossed $467 million worldwide.  Formula for success, right?  So crank out another one and laugh all the way to the bank...why does it seem like you can never win rolling the dice twice?

Why do sequels always suck?
The Hangover Part Two is an exact replica of the original storyline, only with a slightly more exotic, foreign feel.  Nearly all the same stars return to reprise their roles and the storyline has a "haven't I seen this somewhere?" feel.

The movie picks up with Stu (Ed Helms) headed to the alter...this time in Thailand.  His plan is for a really subtle "bachelor brunch."  Of course, things go seriously wrong.

You would think these guys would be able to hold their liquor by now, but that's not the case.  On this go-around the guys run into virtually the same high jinx they faced on their first bender...only this time, instead of a baby, it's a monkey.  Instead of losing Doug, it's Stu's future brother-in-law.  Stu breaks out into song, not on a piano, but this time on the guitar.  Get it yet?  Same song, only prettier dance.

The second rounds leans heavily on slap stick comedy, crudeness and a ton of Zac Galifiankis (Alan).  If you too bought into the internet  hype that former President Bill Clinton would be making a cameo, sorry charlie.

The Hangover Part Two has some solid laughs mixed in with some really raunchy scenes, but it lacks the originality that made The Hangover a blockbuster success.