Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Night Under the Stars

When the weather is good in Upstate New York, the area is pretty cool.  With temperatures hovering in the upper 60's to mid 70's life has been much better.  We've enjoyed the sun (it returned!) and have come to understand why Northerners spend every waking minute outdoors in the spring and summer.
That should read "Malta"

There are plenty of activities to do outside during the day, but taking advantage of good weather at night isn't as easy, or obvious, to us.  Y'all will be impressed to know that we spent our first summer/spring night under the stars watching a drive-in movie!

Apparently, Upstate New York has tons of drive-ins still in business and with a little online research, we found one just a few miles up the road from Clifton Park in Malta.  The sleepy little town is bracing for the new $4.6 billion Global Foundries plant set to open next year so they've done well to accept change, but it's nice to see how somethings can still stay the same.

Even a line to get in!
The Malta Drive-In Theater shows four movies a night, beginning at sundown.  You just roll up in your car, switch the radio over to the FM station broadcasting your movie and you're ready to go!  The cool part is that you can even bring your own popcorn (if you purchase a $5 food permit).  The drive-in's website advises against having food delivered though!  But for $8 admission tickets, it's still a pretty good deal.

We were able to catch a double feature of Fast Five and Paul and had a great time watching from the back of the Santa Fe.  Plus it was kinda cool when the clouds moved in and the thunder much for those great spring days, huh?

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