Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tulip Time

After celebrating our one year anniversary in Upstate New York, we realized we might be repeating a few adventures that happened last year.  We were super impressed with the Albany Tulip Fest in 2010 and felt like we knew the ropes a little bit better this year.

We even took time to stop and smell the flowers this year!
We did a bit better with parking this time!  Instead of walking miles from our parking spot, we were only a few blocks away in a very cute neighborhood that featured a house with a shark in the window.  Easy to remember landmark, right?

Wonder if Jaws owns or rents?
And we learned from our mistakes last year and thought to bring a blanket to sit on for lunch.  We did have to revisit the crepes stand...and it was just as good as we remembered!  This year we also added a dog bowl of cheese fries...mmm!

It was nice to enjoy a little picnic by the Washington Park boathouse and lake.

But of course, the flowers were the highlight of the afternoon!

Looks like spring might just be here after all!