Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

In our newly embraced adventurous Yankee spirit, we've decided that any chance we get, we should take the road less traveled.  We did in this case, literally.

We threw our new bikes in the back of Heather's Santa Fe and headed down the road a few miles to the city limits of Cohoes (where our favorite local falls are located).  There we mounted up on a bike path and started our journey towards neighboring town Niskayuna.

The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway path runs nearly 40 miles near the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers and the beautiful scenery almost made us forget how bad our hineys were hurting from the ride!  The paved trail took us under the Mohawk Bridge and behind some beautiful neighborhoods.

The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway connects Albany and Schenectady Counties and the trail is part of the state-wide Canalway Trail that follows the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany.  Parts of the trail run along abandoned rail lines, following the old rail bed.

We ended up riding about 16 miles on our bikes and got to see Upstate New York from a completely different perspective...just another good reason to take the road less traveled!


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