Monday, July 4, 2011

4th on the Farm

Foxy, the 4th of July
You would think the Flanigans and Garretts would be the type of families where Christmas and Thanksgiving are the holidays to divide...not so much.  Our 'major' holiday celebrations circle around the July 4th festivities!

Celebrating the 4th of July is a big deal for both Heather & Brett's families.  The Garrett's tradition of participating in the Lake Watauga floatilla every year brings out our creative and competative side.  We work for hours to put together our fantastic floating display of patriotism!

For the Flanigans, they celebrate the holiday at the family farm in Fox, Arkansas, where Phyllis was raised.  Every three years the Kocher cousins hold a reunion and family from all over the country converge at Rural Special High School for the get together.

2011 marked a year for Kocher cousins family reunion, so we spent the July 4th holiday in Arkansas.  Here's a fraction of the people we got to see...

This year's reunion had about 70 people and also featured a silent auction that raised money for the family to add more relatives names to the Wall of Immigrants Memorial at Ellis Island.  Brett & Heather donated a couple of Snap-On items and an I Heart NY tote bag.  Heather was super disappointed she didn't win her Aunt Ann's handmade necklace when she was outbid by her Aunt Lela at the last minute.  Overall, the group raised nearly $300!

Mr. Ed wearing his 1979 Arkansas Razorback's hat he won in the auction
After the official family reunion wraps up, most folks come back to the Schiefer Farm for a big fish fry, lots of 'ritas and a even a little pickin' and a grinnin'.  The Schiefers spend weeks catching all of the catfish from a pond on the property for the fish fry.  The fried catfish, along with Brett's homemade onion rings, were a big hit this year!
BG becoming Mr. Ed's fish fry apprentice
Enjoying the 90 degree weather
The Schiefer Family and their spouses
Photo op with Foxy
Alfred Schiefer Family
Bernardine & John Burroughs
Brett & his favorite Mother-in-Law Phyllis
Sonny Schiefer Family

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