Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flanigan Family Traditions at the Pollard Picnic

Mr. Ed can work up a sweat!
If you are in Northeast Arkansas and it's the second weekend in July, then you must be at the Pollard Picnic!  You'll definitely know you're in the right place when you smell the burgers cooking, see the swing ride going and hear someone hollering "Bingo!".  Plus, it's likely that you'll be sweating to death as well...see photo of Mr. Ed on right.

The Pollard Picnic has been a Flanigan Family tradition since before Heather was born.  The super small town (population 240) gathering showcases a tight-knit community culture where everybody pitches in to help pull it  off.

Working the ring toss
Nearly every year, you'll find Mr. Ed promising that this is his last year working the ring toss...but somehow he still always volunteers to help.  This year we were surprised to see that he managed to work up his customary dramatic sweat in one of Brett's old ECU Football t-shirts...we thought it was more a joke on Brett since the Hogs beat the Pirates last January at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.  Wooo Pig Soooie, right?

"Well dawg, I just wasn't feeling it"
Near the picnic stage is where you'll find Phyllis helping to run the baby and toddler beauty pageants.  This year,we were volunteered to be judges for the pageant and we managed to rope our friend Brandi Hodges into participating too.  She didn't mind since Phyllis always throws in a free chicken dinner for judging.

The family fun has a reason...all of the proceeds from the Pollard Picnic support the New Hope Cemetery, where Heather's grandfather is buried.

For the Flanigans, the Pollard Picnic is a great time to catch up with friends and family!

Aunt Pam, cousins Kayla & Kaitlin and Heather
Winner, winner chicken dinner!
Heather's hairdresser Suzy Johnson
It's Bingo Time!
Our two Bingo winners!
Lucky card