Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grinnin' from Ear to Ear

The new Rowe & Rowe office
About 20% of all Americans fear the dentist.  We say those folks must be nuts!  Or maybe they just haven't been to the right dentist...

Our vacation back to Arkansas and Missouri was a pretty tight schedule, but we knew that we had to plan for some maintenance.  After living in Upstate New York for just over a year, we still haven't found dentists up here.  Of course, that hasn't really been a problem since our favorite dentists in Arkansas have always been able to get us in.

Heather first met Dr. John and Dr. Kristy Rowe while working as a reporter for KAIT in Jonesboro.  Sent to cover a story on their Extreme Smile Makeover program, it didn't take long before Heather had half the newsroom in the dentist chair...including Brett.

Turned out, Brett's charming smile needed a tweak and it didn't take long before Dr. John had Brett grinning from ear to ear again.  The Rowes even used Brett in some of their commercials and print advertising!  We still get emails and Facebook messages from people who have seen him on television.

Brett, on the Wall of Fame!
The Rowes eventually outgrew their small offices on Osler Drive in Jonesboro and recently built a new dental studio on Browns Lane, near the bypass.  Our appointments in July marked our first visit and boy were we impressed!

It was so bright and shiny and new!  Really, who could be scared of a dentist that has a zebra chair??

Plus, they're the only dentists we know that have a super fancy massage chair for waiting clients!  How awesome is that??

No really, take your time...we're happy to wait!
No wonder the Rowes are some of the best of the best!  (Plus they give out cookies & those delicious Andes Mints when you visit)  If you stop by, be sure to tell them Heather sent ya!