Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creative or Crazy? Celebrating Our Way

Girls love edible flowers!
Some married couples can get old and boring after the years...but Heather & Brett are determined to be anything but.  So when the big three-year-anniversary rolled around this year, it was a battle of creativity!

The traditional anniversary gift for couples celebrating three years is leather, while the modern gift is considered to be any item made from  crystal or glass.  We like to play by the rules (sort of) so we always try to make sure we stick to the guidelines.

This year it got fun!

Brett surprised Heather with a gift card to DSW Shoes (for the leather) and a huge Edible Arrangement! (This did not fall into either category, but it sure was awesome to eat!)

Who doesn't love food on a stick?

Heather covered the leather element with a new Kenneth Cole belt for Brett and a leather picture frame.  Her crystal element was a set of Ball canning jars perfect for storing his harvest crop in.

But the funniest parts of our anniversary celebrations are probably the cards we exchange...

Last year, Heather scored points with her Jewish Rosh Hashanah "anniversary" card.

But this year, Brett took home top honors with his Pet Sympathy "anniversary" card.

One thing is for certain, if nothing else...we're gonna grow old cracking up with each other!