Monday, August 15, 2011

From the 'Boro to the Big Apple

Know what's weird?  Walking down the streets of NYC with some of your best friends from Jonesboro, Arkansas.  It just seems so completely random...

Brett and Heather were lucky enough to be able to meet up with their pals Laura Gunter and Shane Carter while they were visiting NYC for a week.  It became a party though when our BFF Andy Whitaker announced he would be coming up from Washington, D.C. to visit the same weekend.

Our crew of former K8'ers would have been almost enough people to put on a newscast!

Your Good NYC
Fortunately, our gang of friends are pretty tough.  We've all covered breaking news, natural disasters and worked under a constant deadline.  Not much scares them.  Except maybe for Heather driving through Manhattan...

...which in all fairness, driving in Manhattan is nothing short of harrowing.  We did survive the drive and managed to make it to a few tourist highlights, perfect for our Kodak moments.  

Here's a few of our more classic moments...

Brett just sat in something.
Andy can't resist posing for the camera.
Andy doesn't trust the soft drinks in Chinatown...he always goes BYOC (bring your own Coke)
Laura's worried that Brett is turning into a zombie.
Typical Andy behind bars again.
Does that lady have a mongoose in her purse?
Look at them big tall building y'all!
Typical...Heather & Laura lost in the crowd.

Couldn't resist:  In New York City, with photojournalist Laura Gunter [nat sound break, TRT=:05] Brett Garrett, Heather Flanigan, Andy Whitaker and Shane Carter for Region 8 News!