Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hunkering Down with Hurricane Irene

Irene's cloudy sky
We've been watching the weather reports for days and knew that Hurricane Irene was scheduled to arrive in New York Saturday evening/Sunday night.  Unfortunately, Heather's parents were headed up this way too.

This line truck was from Chattanooga, TN
Their travel plans for a Labor Day holiday visit were a bit re-routed when airports along the East Coast began closing because of the storm.  Thankfully, Southwest Airlines was able to book the Flanigans on an earlier flight and get them to Albany without having to change planes in Baltimore.

Driving around through Albany, we saw several fleets of line trucks mobilized and ready to go where the power was out!  The cool thing is that the trucks were from across the's great to see people will pitch in to help where ever it's needed!

Update:  9:07 a.m. EST

We sure didn't need to rain noise machine to sleep to last night!  Woke up around 8:45 a.m. to reports that Irene had downgraded to a tropical storm and was over NYC at the moment.  At only 167 miles from the middle of Times Square, we're not that far from the fun at the moment here in Clifton Park!  Here's a look at the pics Heather was able to snap from the front door.

Hurricane Irene may be downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but it still seems like the sky is falling!

Update: 7:42 p.m. EST

After listening to forecasters and sitting at home all afternoon (thank God we had power!) cabin fever was setting in.  A quick road trip to Wal-Mart was a great distraction from the boredom & naps no one could escape.  We all bundled up and headed into the remains of Irene.

We're not exactly sure why Brett thought flip flops were a good choice for tropical storm wear?

Wal-Mart surprisingly didn't have many shoppers this afternoon.  The ones that were brave enough to face the weather had enough trouble just getting in the door.  Why does it always make us laugh when someone's umbrella looks like it's about to fly away??

Inside we picked up some of the things we were out of.  Good thing we were already stocked up on the basics, 'cause the bread aisle was pretty ransacked.  Nice to know that English Muffins aren't a hurricane/tropical storm staple.

We really hadn't seen much more than just a few limbs down and leaves all over the apartment complex, so we were curious as to just how bad the damage really was from Irene.  

The tropical storm seemed to spare most of New York and Clifton Park certainly got it's fair share of rain, but thankfully damage was at a minimum.  NOAA estimates that the Capitol Region area got about 6 inches of rain throughout the day.

We did come across some light flooding in low lying areas, but it looked like at least the ducks were getting some enjoyment out of Irene.

Over at Cohoes Falls, we got the water excitement we were looking for!

And then we became the ones lookin' like dummies with our umbrella inside out...