Sunday, August 7, 2011

Race Season at Saratoga

Ponies in the paddocks
Heather's family has always enjoyed horse racing.  She grew up watching the ponies fly by at Oaklawn in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  When Brett came into the picture, he got his first taste of the track after the Hot Springs weekend wedding of our friends Glenn & Emily Marini. 

The Belardos
Since moving to New York, we've tried our hand at the oldest track in America, in Saratoga Springs.  Going into our second year of "Yankee" horse racing, we've yet to break our loosing streak.

This year, we paired up with our friends Joe & Renee Belardo and Joe's sister Stephanie hoping they could offer some betting insight.  Last year, we noticed the Ole Miss-style-Grove-tailgating that over took the grounds outside the track and decided this year, we had to be a part!

There's no question, the best part of tailgating is the food!  And we had plenty of it...

Brett's smoked red pepper humus
Renee's white wine fruit salad
Heather's slaw salad
Paula Deen's sausage balls
It must have been all of our yummy snacks because we finally freaking won a race!  Of course it was only a $2 bet for a favorite pony to show, so our pay off was only $.05, but that's all we needed to change our luck! 

Of course, our luck was nothing compared to Joe's...he accidentally won $50 when he placed his bet on the wrong number horse.  Stephanie also hit the jackpot with a $104 win off of a trifecta bet! 

We decided we're just building our fortune one nickle at a time...

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