Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Days Slippin' Away in Cape Cod

While Heather's parents were in visiting for Labor Day, we decided a trip to Boston would be in order.  They weren't really too juiced about walking nearly three miles on the Freedom Trail, but perked up at the thought of heading over to Cape Cod after the hike.  It was our first visit there too!

Cool folks in these parts just call it the Cape (sort of like NYC goes by the City) and it's divided into three parts: Upper, Mid and Lower Cape.

Our journey took us to the Mid Cape as we explored Hyannis Port.  The town was cute and full of tourist stops...we racked up on souvenirs & were super excited to be reminded there's no sales tax in Mass!

We stopped for lunch at a great little outdoor seafood place...check out the scallop po' boy!

Hyannis Port is also the location of the Kennedy Compound, but you can only see the place from a boat.  We did get a chance to check out the JFK memorial on the Lewis Bay waterfront.

The sobering memorial includes a fountain and field-stone monument with the inscription "I believe it is important that this country sail and not sit still in the harbor."

We didn't mind sitting in the harbor and watching the tide roll in.

 The windsurfers were also fun to watch....after all, you don't see a lot of that back in Missouri and Arkansas.

But the best part of Cape Cod was ditching our shoes and rolling up our pants...

Summer was long gone in these waters!

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