Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Halloween 2011

There is one holiday that Heather loves above all...Halloween!  Decorations usually go up just after Labor Day (we have to get our money's worth y'all) and are immediately followed with the Christmas tree trimmings.  And when our friends say "Halloween threw up in your house," they're not kidding.  Take a look:

Barf, right?
Of course, there's a lot of planning that goes into the costume selection as well.  We Heather takes a lot of pride in choosing costumes that aren't out of a bag...she likes things that make you think, or to put it simply, Halloween from the headlines.  Check out some of our great ideas from year's past.

This year we recruited our friends Joe & Renee Belardo and set out to win the elusive $1,000 group costume prize at Vapor Night Club in Saratoga Springs.  After much debate, we decided to go as....Occupy Vapor protesters!

Now, just to clarify...we were not really protesting, as some of the people in the club thought we were, or serious in the least about our 'political' statement.  Can't you tell from our messages...that have glitter on them?

Unfortunately, Joe gave Brett the idea that he needed to have a drum...which he pounded on all. night. long.

It probably would  have been really annoying if we could have stopped laughing as his unintentional Corey Haim resemblance.

In case you missed it on the news, the weather in the Northeast didn't really cooperate with Halloween this year.

The good (or bad) news: when there's snow falling, there's fewer slutty costumes to gawk at.  Girls up North have to wear actual clothes for Halloween.  Turns out, the guys don't.

Again competition was fierce in the costume contest.  There were some really great outfits that we got...

...and some that we didn't?  Halloween balloon girl won a cool $1,000 for that getup though...uh, what ever it was.

Our Occupy Vapor apparently didn't go over very well with the judges...but we figured that was just the man trying to keep us down.  Plus, our arms were killing us after holding protest signs for an hour and a half before the competition began.

With big money on the line, folks brought their A-games.  This light up robot cashed in $1K for best male.

The group costume contest was a bit sketch this year though...we read the contest rules online before hand and to enter the group you had to have three (3) people.  But when they announced the finalist, there were several "groups" picked that only had two (2).  The top ten was narrowed down to a top three and the audience cheered for their favorite.

The Harlem "Old" Trotters

These folks were all "Invasion of NYC"...with huge, crazy elaborate costumes!
and two (2) Lego guys.
Guess who won the grand?  The two (2) Lego guys!  Sure, they had great costumes, but they were missing their third person.  We weren't mad that we didn't win, but we feel like Vapor judges should play by their own rules.  After all, $1,000 is a lot of money up for grabs!  Not sure if we'll be back next year...we're keeping our ears open to any other costume contests in the area.

...and are already brainstorming our costumes for next year!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Carving Up College Memories

Even though both Brett & Heather went to decent sized colleges (20,000-25,000 students) it seems like our schools never get a lot of love.  It's a bit easier to find apparel for East Carolina University and down right impossible to find stuff from Missouri State University.  You might stumble across stuff online, but unless you're a home-towner, you're likely out of luck.

This year, in the celebration of Halloween, we decided to make our own college memorabilia.  One thing you can find online are pumpkin carving templates.

Argggh Pirates & Bears!
Ok, so it took us a while to saw through our frozen pumpkins, but we managed to get our campus pride patterns put on.

Just like college, our hard work paid off...and we managed to score some pumpkin pride! some tasty treats!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Conversation with Jesse Eisenberg

Eisenberg & Davis
It was just a fluke that Heather stumbled across the article in the Times Union online newspaper announcing actor Jesse Eisenberg was to appear in a free theater performance this week in Albany and Saratoga Springs.  Eisenberg, an Oscar nominee for The Social Network, performed in two productions of Theater of War, which presents readings of Sophocles' Ajax and Philoctetes.  We're not really into ancient Greek drama, but we sure do like seeing famous people!

We got to see the Theater of War production in Saratoga Springs and were treated to performances by a great group of folks with pages.  We saw 24 actor Glenn Davis, Nurse Jackie and Law & Order actress Chinasa Ogbuagu and Mystic River and The Wire actor John Doman alongside Eisenberg.

The production of Theater of War is pretty heavy as it encourage audiences to consider the impact of war on individuals, families and communities.  The emotional readings are followed with an audience discussion of the psychological injuries of war.  We didn't really have anything to add to the conversation, but it was interesting and insightful to listen.

After the production wrapped up, we wandered around the Military Museum where the production was held.  Of course, Brett had to read nearly every exhibit before Heather noticed Eisenberg hanging out by the exit.  She inched her way closer and suddenly found herself in a line waiting to talk with the actor.  By the time Brett noticed what was going on, we were just feet away from him!

Thankfully, the lady behind us in line snapped this memorable photo...

Pretty sure we're scaring the crap out of Jesse Eisenberg.
...and it gave us time to strike up a meaningful conversation with Jesse Eisenberg.  It went something vaguely like this:

BG:  She (pointing at Heather) was too scared to ask you how it was like hosting SNL?

(Heather looks mortified as she has just been sold out by Brett)

JE:  It was great. Really fast paced and a lot of fun. It's like three days of just non-stop.  

BG:  Yeah, I heard it's crazy.

JE:  Are you a big fan?

HF:  Yeah, we really enjoy your work!

JE:  Of SNL?

BG: Oh, that too.

JE:  You guys should get tickets.

HF:  We've tried.

JE:  Oh, how's it work?

HF:  It's a weird lottery system and I don't think we were picked for this season.

JE:  Really? I had no idea.

BG:  If we'd only had a host help us get tickets we wouldn't have had any problems getting in.

JE:  laughs...Thanks for coming out tonight!

Leave it to us to strike up meaningful conversation with the guy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Giveaway: Free Canvas Print from

We're excited to announce our very first giveaway on I Heart NY Y'all!  You may have noticed a few New York giveaways on Heather's blog on, but this is a first for us here and it's just in time for the holidays!

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