Friday, October 28, 2011

Carving Up College Memories

Even though both Brett & Heather went to decent sized colleges (20,000-25,000 students) it seems like our schools never get a lot of love.  It's a bit easier to find apparel for East Carolina University and down right impossible to find stuff from Missouri State University.  You might stumble across stuff online, but unless you're a home-towner, you're likely out of luck.

This year, in the celebration of Halloween, we decided to make our own college memorabilia.  One thing you can find online are pumpkin carving templates.

Argggh Pirates & Bears!
Ok, so it took us a while to saw through our frozen pumpkins, but we managed to get our campus pride patterns put on.

Just like college, our hard work paid off...and we managed to score some pumpkin pride! some tasty treats!

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