Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Lessons

With Chickadee coming soon, we figured it might be time to learn something about babies.  Thankfully, Brett's sister Dana has two and let us practice on them while we were visiting over the Thanksgiving break.

The Jordan Boys
Two-year-old Walter Mack is a wild man.  The kid is completely outgoing, supernaturally ENERGETIC and has the voice of a watch what you say.  He recently got into troubs for saying 'crapola'.  WM loves to play 'ball' and his newest trick is trying to tackle you.  (That's what happens when your dad is a coach).

His little brother Hudson is the most calm, chill and easy going five-month-old baby we've ever seen.  Like the child doesn't even really cry.  And he makes funny prehistoric dinosaur noises, which are quiet entertaining.  We're pretty sure that with our genetic makeup, Chickadee will not be like this.

Over the Thanksgiving break we got a few parenting lessons:

1.  Don't naturally assume that the pictures on the diaper go in the front.  Considering both of us put the diapers on backwards, we'd like to issue a complaint to Huggies for tricking us.  Why put pictures on the back of a diaper?? How does the kid enjoy that, huh??  Stupid diaper art.

2.  Babies are messy eaters.  And they like bright colored gross stuff.  Like puree sweet potatoes.  And you shouldn't accidentally cuss when you miss their mouths and hit them in the face with it. Because you never know what little parrot is flying around and might repeat you.

3.  Apparently, kids are not camera ready.  Heather is notorious for spotting a camera a mile away and is always ready with her go-to smile.  She's taught Brett the same trick and over the years, he's become a pretty good picture poser.  Babies, however, will look EVERYWHERE but at the person snapping the picture.

4.  Bottles make babies happy.  So happy they throw up sometimes.  Can't say the same hasn't happened to us a time or two, though.

5.  Who knew that straws and spoons were such amazing play things at the restaurant table?  Also, you should steer grabbing hands away from knives and fork and generally any other sharp objects.

And they say raising a child is hard...pu-lease, we've totally got this covered y'all!


  1. I'm sure Chickadee will always look at the camera. You trained BG, I'm sure you can train baby. Have him ready by the floatilla. Our adoring fans expect smiles and waves and bubbles.