Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spooky Shopping

Having recently hit a huge sale at the Baby Gap outlet in Vermont, we decided to see if lightening could indeed strike twice.  The upside to living in upstate New York is that there are several outlets within an hour's drive of our house.  A few months ago Brett stumbled upon a Gap outlet nestled inside a regular mall.  We're not sure why, but we're not going to it's only 16 miles from our house!

The Rotterdam Square Mall in Schenectady has probably seen better days, but offers TJ Maxx, Sears and K-Mart as it's anchor stores.  The Gap outlet proved to be another bargain bin and we walked away with some good deals (look for them on eBay soon!).  What we didn't realize was that we walked out the wrong door to get back to the car.

And you won't believe what we saw:

A freaking graveyard!  At first we thought it might have been leftover Halloween decorations, but upon closer inspection, it was the real thing.  

Heather did some digging and came up with the mall's history.  Apparently, the mall sits on the site once owned by the Vedder family.  Harman Albertse Vedder bought the land in 1672 and built a home on it.  Around 1832, Harmens' great grandson Johannes sold the property to Colonel Daniel David Schermerhorn Campbell.  Campbell promptly built a 26 bedroom mansion on the word on if that was the original structure of the mall or not though.

 Geez...didn't any of these people ever see Poltergeist?