Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who's that Mystery Guest Reader?

Speaking to Mrs. Kienzle's 2nd Grade Class
When a room mother at the All Saints Academy in Albany stumbled across Heather's blog on, she was looking for a guest speaker to talk to a classroom of 2nd graders.

The students regularly have "Mystery Readers" come read books to them and talk about their jobs and what they do.  It's a great way to expose kids to different occupations and to include the community in their education.

Of course, Heather was hooked the moment she got the invitation!  All she had to do was show up and bring a book...but since we don't have a lot of reading materials (yet) for small children, Heather was super thankful when her mother-in-law (and former kindergarten teacher) Taryn helped her pick out a couple of books.

Armed with Officer Buckley and Gloria, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, I See Santa Everywhere and The Dog Who Saved Christmas, Heather faced her toughest live audience yet!

Thankfully, the kids were excited to listen to the stories and polite enough to not ask why Heather looked like a beached whale (thanks to Chickadee).  

They asked lots of questions about blogging and reporting and had plenty of stories to share with Heather about their own travels.  Unfortunately, none had ever traveled to Arkansas, Missouri or Mississippi...but one smart little girl could proudly spell "Mississippi"...which is more than Heather could say at that age!

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