Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Look at Chickadee

We got a chance to take a sneak peek at Chickadee while Heather was in Poplar Bluff for the holidays.  Expectant parents in the area flock to Baby View where you can record ultrasound photos on video and also take a peek at what's cooking in your oven in 3D.  It's a pretty cool little service!

Baby or alien?
Our technician gave us the promising news that Chickadee is pretty photogenic, but his umbilical cord stood in the way of us getting a great shot of him during the scan.  We got to see his 'boy parts', his feet and hands, his heart beating and he also showed us a great shot of his butt crack.  (Oh, don't act surprised...y'all know who this kid belongs to)

Kinda cute isn't he?
Only 10 more weeks until we get to see him in person!