Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Baby Shower Power

We can't help it...but Chickadee is partying like a rockstar these days!  After all the fun he had at his Jonesboro baby shower, he just couldn't stop kicking with excitement about all those presents...good thing his Mimi's friends offered to have a party for him in Missouri.

Chickadee's second round of shower power continued at the Black River General Baptist Church in Broseley, MO and was given by Chris Waite, Susan Hancock and Eva Barnett.  Look at the awesome shower invitation those girls (with a little help from the folks at Insta Print in Poplar Bluff) came up with!

Of course, more parties mean even more cute stuff... Over the course of two shower in two days, Chickadee racked up 49 new outfits!  We know babies grow fast, but we may have to have a little fashion show for ourselves just to make sure he gets to wear everything!

And as it turns out, Chickadee already has tons of admirers!  

We were so thankful to have so many people come out for the shower and it was great getting to catch up with some folks we don't get to see much.

Heather & Stephanie Byars
Holly Lintner & Heather
Cousin Kayla Morgan & Heather
Chickadee says 'Thanks y'all!'