Monday, January 9, 2012

One Stitch at a Time

For those who know Heather, you have no doubt that she'll probably be buried with a glue gun in her hand.  During her college days, she was a notorious sorority girl who could glitter just about anything.  Since then she's gone through 'phases' of crafts...including stain glass painting, cross-stitch, scrap booking, creating shabby-chic furniture, sewing and in the most recent times, quilting.  Loyal I Heart NY Y'all readers can't possibly have forgotten her last project?

While visiting her family over the holidays, Heather discovered two things: 1) There's no internet connection, 3G or Verizon cell service in the outskirts of Qulin, Missouri and 2) There are only so much LMN & Hallmark movies you can stomach after the family goes to bed at 8:30 p.m.

Boredness soon gave way to productivity after the sewing machine was cranked up!  Fortunately, our friend Brandi Hodges opted to come up from Jonesboro and serve as sidekick during craft time at the looney bin.  She was a such huge help that made the projects go by faster.  Thanks Brandi!

The first project was a simple one.  Heather & Brett's nephew, Hudson Jordan, was due a baby blanket.  Inspired by some super cute sock monkey fabric found at Hobby Lobby, this is what Heather cooked up (with Brandi's mad ironing & cutting skills):

The photo fabric is available at Wal-Mart and is super easy to use!  Just by printing a few pictures off of Facebook, the center squares were already done.  Unfortunately, they printed a hair too small and had to be give a border of red stripes to make them fit perfectly.  (Math has never been Heather's strongest field)

The quilt pattern used for Huddy's blanket is called Shoo-Fly and is super easy to make.  It's basically a Nine-Square block with triangles for the corner spots.

Remember that monster duvet cover Heather quilted last year?  Well, there was plenty of fabric left over from that project!  Heather used as much of it as she could to make a small baby quilt for Chickadee.  Don't worry, there will probably be more projects featuring the black & white fabric since she barely made a dent in the stash.  It's not put together yet, but here's what each side looks like.  Hope Chickadee enjoys it!

Split Rail Fence pattern
The last project is still ongoing.  After cleaning out the dresser drawers, Heather realized she had tons of t-shirts.  Many from her college & Alpha Delta Pi sorority days at Missouri State University.  Rather than get rid of them, she decided to create a t-shirt quilt.  It sounds intimidating, but turned out to be super easy.

Gotta gather the Greek goods
With a little help from some lightweight fusible interfacing, Heather was able to salvage precious, but no longer really wearable, t-shirts & most importantly save drawer space in her's about getting rid of the clutter in 2012!

To start, all you had to do was cut the shirt in half...

The hardest part was being brave enough to cut the shirt!
...and then frame up what you wanted your quilt block to be.  Leaving a little around the edges allowed the interfacing extra room.

To get the interfacing to adhere, Brandi put down a damp dishrag and ironed over it.  A quick trim up around the plastic guide and it sure didn't take long before the t-shirt material was an "official" quilt block.

We combined four of the the front pocket designs to create a block (top left square) and pieced together the front & back of one shirt to make the lettering more even (top right square).

Because it turned out smaller than expected, this work in progress plans to add a couple of more shirts found after the fact and then some photo blocks of sorority pictures to fill it out.  Here's the pseudo-finished project:

It's amazing what you can create when you don't have access to a cellphone or a computer!