Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painting Projects

Guess who's been playing Craft Time at the Looney Bin again??  If you answered Heather, you're actually wrong this time!  Poor Picasso Brett has been slaving away with the paint brushes trying to keep up with Heather's decorating demands.  (And they ain't been one-coaters either)

Pick a brush, any brush!
Because paint & pregnancy don't really mix, it was Brett's turn to get his hands dirty.  Good thing the man's got skillz!  

Here's a sample of his handy work: 

Project #1:  Behold the $40 Craigslist dresser find.  It started out a lovely mix of white/peach/green.

FYI:  When you live in a two bedroom apartment (and it's freezing cold outside) there's not much space for big projects.  Not being able to get to the refrigerator was a good excuse for take out three nights in a row.  

Luckily, it turned out ok...even if Heather's Pinterest inspired stenciling design didn't work.  The body of the dresser is a matte black and Brett ended up doing the handles in the shiny black paint.

But the cutest part is what's inside...

Project # 2:  The $10 Craigslist rocking chair.  This one was already black and just needed a couple of more coats to perk it up.  Throw a $6 Ikea seat cushion on there and we're really gonna be rockin' & rollin' in style!

Project #3:  The Green Monster.  Ok, ok, it's really just a green wall.  Kermit the Frog wasn't kidding when he said "It's not easy being green."  It's also not easy finding the perfect shade.  You don't want to be to over powering, but at the same time, you don't want it to look like something that came out of Chickadee's diaper...which is exactly what happened the first go around.  

Good thing the second shade worked...'cause Brett was juuuuuuust about all painted out by that point.  Or at least so he threatened.  Stay tuned for final project photos!

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