Sunday, April 15, 2012

Historic Hand-Me-Downs

Just before Heather was born in January 1978, a friend of her grandparents who had moved to California sent Phyllis a hand knitted baby sweater.  Back in those days folks didn't know the gender of their babies, so the sweater was 'gender neutral' with both pink & blue stripes and buttons.  

Phyllis paired the sweater with a pair of pink pants that she sewed herself when she took Heather for a photo session.

Heather at 7.5 weeks old
Photo shoots wear Heather out!
In January 1984, Heather got a little brother.  James Edward Flanigan Jr., or Jim, was born just 10 days after his sister's birthday!  (Is it weird that two siblings have birthdays so close together??  Turns out Mr. Ed's birthday is in do the math)

Jim also got to sport the 'gender neutral' sweater, this time with blue shorts...maybe a bit odd since this photo was taken in February.

Jim at four weeks old
When Colt went for his most recent photos, guess what we packed for him to wear?

Colt at four weeks old
Mom & Dad thought the 'gender neutral' sweater would be best paired with khaki colored pants and we skipped the socks...primarily because we seem to have trouble keeping them on.

Colt didn't seem to mind his 'historic' hand-me-downs.