Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flying High with Baby Colt

Being a new parent is stressful.  Traveling for the first time by yourself cross country with a new baby is beyond stressful!  

Baby Colt & Heather flew back to Missouri to see Grandpa Mr. Ed & Mimi for the summer.  Our adventure started at the Albany airport.  Heather felt super smart by using her Southwest Rapid Rewards points to pay for her ticket!  Total cost for a round trip ticket: $7.50 (and that was only because of a 9/11 tax).  

We made sure to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  You never know when the Grouchy Lady Bug will come in handy.  Heather was super worried about bringing formula through security, but had no problems.  The TSA agents were even nice!

It's interesting that almost anywhere you go, people seem to love babies.  They come up to you at the mall, while shopping at Wal-Mart, even when you're strolling to pick up the mail to tell you how cute and sweet your little one is.  

People love babies...unless you're at the airport.  Suddenly you find yourself getting glares from business men in bad toupees wearing wrinkled suites.  Most of the women are a little nicer, but it's like you can feel the vibe "Please don't let them be on my flight."  God forbid, your kid makes their travel experience any more uncomfortable than it already is...and because those people are a special breed of humans that were born as full sized adults.  

It was really interesting to see how many people passed up sitting in our aisle when boarding.  Which was too bad, because Heather had a huge stack of complementary Southwest drink tickets to share with whoever was brave enough to sit by us.  Their loss, 'cause baby Colt flew like a champ!  Slept right through the take-off and was more interested in looking out the window than drinking his bottle.  He watches things like the child of two former nosy reporters.

Fortunately we didn't have to deplane for our connecting flight and made it to St. Louis is one piece!  Mimi and Grandpa Mr. Ed wanted to make sure we didn't miss them so they made us a big welcome sign.

Don't think we could have missed it if we tried.

It was Grandpa Mr. Ed's first time meeting Colt.  He wasn't able to travel to New York because of his heart attack in late January.  He's feeling much better now that he has a new buddy to hang out with.

That is if Mimi ever lets Grandpa hold him!


  1. I'm so glad that your first flight with Colt went smoothly! Actually, you made it sound like it was pretty easy. Next time around I'll definitely be asking you for advice. Have fun in super hot Missouri! And by the way, that kid just keeps getting cuter. :)