Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Got You Babe

We're new parents.  We readily admit that we have no idea what we're doing.  We worry about things we probably shouldn't.  We are constantly reading baby books, researching articles online and soliciting our "parent" friends for advice.  You already know this if you were on Heather's mass email list begging for the secrets to sleeping through the night. (Which by the way y' all worked!  Colt finally started sleeping through the night around 11 weeks!)

When Heather read online about baby bald spots and flat heads, she panicked, adding one more worry to her ever growing list.  Flat heads & bald spots are problems babies develop when they spend too much time laying on their backs or in a car seat.  

Then she found the camera from our recent trip...and breathed a sigh of relief.  Pretty sure we don't have to worry about that!

Colt with his future hairdresser Suzy
Colt & Dad
Having lunch with his Great-Paw Paw
Rockin' & Rollin' with his Great-Granny
Colt with Dad & cousin Mack
Colt with his cousins & Poppy
Colt & his G.G.
Uncle Jordan & Colt hanging out
Aunt Dana & Colt
Uncle Jim & "Mini-Me" Colt
Colt & Chris
Colt & his Great-Aunt Pam
Colt & Kaitlin
Colt & Kayla
Colt & his Aunt Jessica
with his Great-Uncle Sonny
Colt & his Great-Aunt Ann
Colt & Rick
Colt, Mimi & kitty
Colt & his Great-Uncle Alfred
with his Great-Aunt Lela
Colt's hair & his Great-Aunt 'Nitty
Smiling with his mom!
Colt & Holly
Colt & Stephanie
with Andy & Lori
with Laura
Colt & Beth
Colt is getting some love from Amy & Ava Kate
Talking about the Cardinals with Seth
Lovin' the bottle Donna's feeding him
Super happy to hang out with Grandpa Mr. Ed
with his Great-Aunt Bernardine
with his Great-Grandma Flanigan
with his "Nanny" Brandi
Colt & Andy
And it's no wonder he cries if we put him down!

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  1. Happy kiddo! He made his rounds on his vacation. ~~Chris