Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake Watuaga Flotilla '12

We spent our 4th of July in typical Garrett fashion again this in making as big of a scene as we possibly could!

How could we miss the 11th annual Lake Watuaga Flotilla??  We've been participating in the festivities for years now and are constantly working to up the bar.  It takes a lot to get our 'Merican pride showing.

This year we added a few new hair-do's.

Can you believe those wigs were only $0.25 on the clearance rack?? Seriously, what a bargain!

And Andy didn't even mind wearing Halley dog's bandanna as a doo-rag.  It was a lovely accent to his cape, lei and pinwheel fairy wand

Heather's clearance rack blue sequin swim cover was a nice blinding sparkly touch.  It went well with Dana & Brandi's patriotic ensembles.


Winning the self-proclaimed "Greatest Boat" title is stiff competition every year.  Our new bubble machine gave us an edge, but there were some great decorations out on the water this year.  The Pirates of Lake Watuaga were amazing with their foam swords!

Cheers to another awesome Floatilla!