Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drive-In vs. Hard Drive

With Brett out of town for the evening, Andy and Heather were on our own for entertainment.  We packed up and headed North of Clifton Park to make the short drive to Queensbury, NY... only about 45 minutes away.  The area has a nice outlet mall and a pretty good Six Flags theme park, plus an indoor water park.  Remember the commercial we shot there?

We shopped 'till we dropped.  Andy worked on picking up the Yankee hotties by pushing Colt's stroller around the outlets...seriously, you wouldn't believe what kind of chick magnets babies are for guys! ...Unless they have dirty diapers.  In that case, it's an immediate return to sender!

Take him back NOW, please!!

We decided hitting the drive-in would be a lot of fun; Andy really wanted to see something, anything at the drive-in.  It's just not something you get to do much back home in the South.  There are a few in the general areas of Arkansas and Missouri where Heather lived, but with permanently suffocating summer temperatures and the swarms of mosquitoes that have been know to carry off small dogs, it's not really much fun, plus none are close by either.

Going to the movies in the summer is so much fun in Upstate New York!  It seems like every little town has a drive-in that brings you right back to their hay-day.  We went to the Glen Drive In Theater, which has been in business since 1958.  They even had the old time speakers that you hooked up to your window and heaping piles of funnel cakes at their concession stand.

It didn't take long before Andy was all set up to watch the movie (ParaNorman) and answer a few emails put out some fires for his company.  You have to admit, working is a little bit cooler under the stars, right?

Oh, and keep a watchful eye on his wingman.  Can this guy do it all or what?!?


  1. As I was looking through vacation pictures - from the time Colt entered the world there are some of him with Andy where Colt looks great and Andy looks terrified!