Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jersey Shore Beach Baby

The Atlantic Ocean
There is one thing that Colt loves, loves, loves and that's water!  The kid is a maniac in the bathtub and loves splashing in our apartment complex pool.  But we weren't sure how our Aqua Baby would fare at the beach...after all, it comes with sand.  A lot of sand.

Sea Girt, NJ
We stopped at a beautiful town named Sea Girt on our way back to New York from our Atlantic City adventures.  The beaches in Monmouth County were really nice, offering clean, safe areas of stunning white sand.  With full-time lifeguards on duty, we thought it would be a good place to test the waters.  Sea Girt's boardwalk also offer a pretty incredible panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Jersey Shore is actually a pretty beautiful place!

Many beaches, especially in the smaller towns of New Jersey, require beach badges for admission.  The money collected is used to offset the costs of staffing and maintaining their beaches.  The parking, if you can find it, is free, but to access the beach will cost 'ya.  We looked online before we loaded up to hit the sand and read that admission was $6 per person.  Apparently, we had old information because the price had gone up to $9 a person!  It seemed a little high, but what do you do?  Thankfully, kids under 12 could frolic in the sand for free.

Oh, and did our kid frolic!

Colt thought the ocean and the sand were wonderful!  In fact, he thought the sand was so great that he tried to eat it by the handful.  Not good.  He We also managed to get it everywhere!  Fortunately, Heather stumbled across a little tip on Pinterest on using baby powder to remove sand.  Guess what?  It worked like a charm!

We (wisely) invested in a beach umbrella that went all Mary Poppins on us a few times, but helped keep the kiddo under cover.  Paired with his Pea-Pod, Colt's fun in the sun was really in the shade.  Which was a good thing since babies can't wear sunscreen until they're six months old...but they can wear Deet at two months.  Weird, right?

Grandpa Mr. Ed didn't need the sunscreen because he was the only person at the beach wearing long sleeves and jeans.  His blood thinners he takes from his recent heart attack make him incredibly cold, so even at 88 degrees and in more clothes than all of us combined, he was comfortable.  He's also petrified of water, so even sticking his toes in the ocean were out of the question.  The man firmly believes a shark will bite off his foot if he even gets near the water!

Mimi had no problems with the sun, sand, or the water for that matter.  She made sure Colt was lookin' stylish in his pirate beach hat & monkey sunglasses.  Notice we can barely get the strap around his chins.

The last time we took Colt to the see the ocean, it didn't work out so well, he slept through the whole trip.  This time, the kid was ready to roll!  He loved splashing his feet in the water as the waves rolled in.  There were strong under currents so we were afraid to walk out with him, but Colt didn't mind sittin' in the sand.  Plus, he learned how to write his name!

With a smile as big as this, we're pretty sure we'll be headed back to the surf & sand of the Jersey Shore again soon!

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