Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Lucky Charm

Sometimes you're at the right place at the right time.  And if that's Upstate New York from late July to Labor Day, then you have to be at the Saratoga Race Track!  The big days are usually over the weekends, especially if there's a giveaway.

Why, Thank You!
Our pal Andy Whitaker was in town and only had a few days to hang with us, so we knew we needed to step up our something fun.   After all, the man does bring us a box of Georgetown Cupcakes whenever he visits!

We went to the track on a Monday, not expecting many folks to be there.  We were surprised!  It wasn't overflowing with folks like it was during our first Traver's Stakes, but there were certainly a healthy amount of degenerates gamblers waiting to part with their pocket books.

We think our best bud Andy must really like New York because he holds the record for most visits to see us!  It also helps that his work sends him to Washington, D.C. often and it's just a hop, skip and a jump away to NY via plane or train!

He was dying to see the ponies in action and really, who were we to say no?

Oh, you mean real ponies?  OK, OK. We've got that too.

Happy Andy!
Since there was a slight chance of rain in the forecast, we didn't go all out with our traditional picnic fare this time.  Just a cooler with drinks and formula--really, it's all you need, right?  Brett set up his mobile Snap-On office and never missed a minute...that boy is such a multi-tasker!

With a ton less people at the track during the week, we actually found front row seats rather effortlessly. We were so close, the field crew's water trucks would spray our feet if you were standing by the fence when they drove by.  Which worked out well since Colt tends to chew on his feet and gets them all gross.

Thankfully, we had the cast of Two and a Half Men holding down the fort and placing our bets.

'Cause this guy says he knows how to pick 'em!

Colt picked up his mother's Coke and held it like it was his own child.  He didn't drink it, just liked holding the bottle in a death grip.  We nearly had to wrestle it away from him!

A few afternoon sprinkles sent us inside for cover.  Our losing luck changed when we stumbled across a place that sold Montreal Poutine!  It's a favorite for us ever since the Brett-Heather-Andy trio first tried it on our trip to Montreal.

This guy loves him some poutine like nobody's business.
There was a point when we got a little worried about all that caffeinated Coke Colt had been clutching onto for so long...

Thankfully, he calmed down a little to help us pick our first winning ticket ever!

See...told ya he was a little Lucky Charm!

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