Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sink or Swim: Schuylerville Cardboard Boat Races

Summer in the South sucks.  Summer in the North is the most amazing thing you will ever experience!  Not too hot and certainly not humid!  We are constantly looking for reasons to be outside while the sun is out up here.  New Yorkers are pretty outdoorsy folks and rightfully so...this place is amazing!

When Brett saw a sign for the Schuylerville Cardboard Boat Races, we were totally in.  Schuylerville (pronounced Skler-ville) is about 30 minutes north of us.  The event is part of the annual Canal Splash, which celebrate the state's canal systems.  The races take place on the bank of the Champlain Canal on the Hudson River.  A rain delay pushed the event back from Saturday to Sunday.

This year folks had to build their boats around the "Birds of a Feather" theme.  Pretty creative stuff made out of cardboard and duct tape, huh??

Not sure what Mello Yello has to do with birds, but we liked their boat.

While we were there, we got to see the kid's compete.  There were plenty of moms and dads on hand to help launch their kids.  

Thankfully, there were lifeboats standing by to help those going down faster than the Titanic.

This guy wasn't sure exactly what to think...

After all, this boat had feathers.

We think Colt liked it though!