Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just How Brave Are You?

Do you consider yourself brave?  Do you like to try something new?  Are you adventitious?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, congratulations...we're gonna be friends!

Heather & Brett never pass up an opportunity to try something new and on their most recent trip to New York City, they braved the Bronx to snack on a little Dominican cuisine...take out style.

We ordered from the Dominican Restaurant, located at 469 E. 156th Street in the Bronx, which clearly has an "A" rating from the local health department listed on the front of it's to go menu.  It didn't take long before dinner was served!

Our carpet picnic meal was quiet a spread!  It consisted of roasted chicken wide sides of rice & red and black beans.  The chicken had amazing flavor and the beans were really delicious too!

We also ordered a dish of mofongo, which is made of fried green plantains mashed together into a bowl shape and filled with pork and rice and topped with pork cracklings.  The dish's origins are traced back to Puerto Rico.  It took Brett a few bites before he was convinced, but Heather thought it was pretty tasty from the start!

We're always up for any type of culinary adventure and will definitely try Dominican food should give it a bite and let us know what you think!